Friday, September 20, 2013

Kennedy's 6 month pictures!

I know I'm a couple months behind on putting up my own daughters 6 month pictures,
but hey life with a baby is hectic! Now that she is crawling I'm lucky if I get a break
to run to the bathroom ;-) At 6 months she was sitting up on her own but not mobile.
I like the mobile stage we are at now. It makes playtime more fun!

Anyway here are a few of my favorite pictures for Kennedy's 6 month shoot.

I Just can't! Look at this cutie!!! I may be biased because she's my daughter, but she is one cute kid!

Julia's Newborn shoot!

Baby Julia is the niece of the lady I used to work for before I 
had my baby in January. Julia's mom Michelle would come over 
and see her niece and nephew sometimes when I was there
and she was always so nice to me. I couldn't have been more
excited to take her beautiful baby girl's pictures!

It took awhile to get Julia to sleep but once we did she
was the perfect model! No crying, nothing! She might be the
best baby I have photographed to date.

I made a cute little tutu and matching headband for the shoot, 
along with some newborn crowns. You can find them for sale on

Check out how adorable she is :-)