Tuesday, September 30, 2014

365 Project, Adventure in the woods.

Do you ever take a step back, stop and enjoy the moment for what it is? I've been trying to work on that, putting down my phone, camera, video camera, and just 
take in the moments as they happen. 
Enjoy them for what they are.
 I think our society as a whole needs to put down their phones. 
I try to stay off my phone whenever I'm around Kennedy because I don't want her growing up thinking that's normal. That it's normal to sit with friends or family and not talk to each other or interact. I do miss a lot of opportunities for pictures or to capture 
moments that I might soon forget, but you miss so much more when your head is down 
in your phone. 

This past week I took Kennedy with me to check out my first location for 
family mini sessions, I brought my camera along as I do every time, to make
sure the lighting is good at the time of day I will be there. I didn't think or
expect to get any pictures of Kennedy, my goal was only to check out the 
location and lighting. However I got some pretty amazing shots of Kennedy.
When did she grow up?




Everything is new.



When did she become such a big kid?


Yet the trees still make her seem small.



Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just another week for the 365 Project.

Here I am back again, trying to keep up and take at least one picture
a day... hey I said I'm trying!
I've been keeping busy by trying new recipes and expand 
my families taste buds! Kennedy has always been pretty good at eating
different things, she's not the typical chicken nugget kid, which I'm so 
happy about, because my husband on the other hand is.
This week I made coconut curry shrimp, I had saved the recipe for a 
while and finally got everything to make it.
Low and behold as I go to make it the link to the recipe doesn't 
exist anymore and I frantically search around for another one.
I did find one and it was actually really good. Kennedy hasn't really had
shrimp before maybe once, the texture throws her off so she ate
the rice with the sauce. My husband surprisingly loved it and went back for
seconds. I call that a win!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


I can't believe my little girl's hair is long enough to put two french braids in!
What's more surprising is that she actually let me put them in her hair.


Someone is starting to actually let me take her picture. 


Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sticks. 
You can find the recipe here- 


We all loved it! It made so much, we froze some and I gave a whole
bunch to my dad.


Pumpkin muffins from whole foods... need I say more?


I used the last of my basil to make homemade pesto. I used some of it 
in the tomato soup actually and we ate it on pasta and another recipe I had made.


With apple season in full swing, I attempted to make my own apple chips.
They weren't bad, but I definitely need a mandolin slicer to get the apple slices
all the same size so they don't cook unevenly. 
Lesson learned, you can find the recipe here-


Coconut Curry shrimp.
You can find the recipe here-

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lemonade mini Sessions!

This summer I did my first Lemonade mini session. The turn out was okay, you never
know what people are going to enjoy or like for themed sessions 
so its always tough to decide what type to do.

I really go all out for my themed sessions, I love the creative aspect of having a
theme and running with it. I'm going to do a blog post coming up about all the
different set ups and cake smashes I've done. Set ups are one of my favorite part of 
the session and I spend way to much money on trying to make each session different 
and unique from the last. My husband asks me quite often,"When are you going
to stop buying props for sessions?" 
I can't help it :-)

Anyway enjoy the last tastes of summer!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello September!

Well that was fast, goodbye summer and hello fall!
I feel like the cooler weather just came in overnight. It's been great
to finally turn the air off and leave the windows open. 
We are getting excited for Halloween and we already
decorated the whole house.
Most of the decorations have become Kennedy's new
"friends" as she refers to them. But it's definitely 
a big difference then last year at Halloween time.



We are practicing drinking with a big girl cup.


As you can see we need to keep practicing :-)


Decorating with Daddy!
Kennedy really enjoys putting decorations in her room.


Cake smash cake I made for a baseball themed session.


I finally hit 500 likes on facebook! Starting out something
I never thought would happen. To celebrate I gave away 
a $25 dunkin donuts gift card. That was a lot of fun!


I did my last session of this year at the beach. We really enjoyed the 
beach this year and it was sad to say goodbye, but we'll be back 
next year. Now on to Halloween!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Goodbye Summer!

I have to say, I've never really been a lover of summer. 
With this summer being a mild one, I loved it! 
There weren't many hot days that I can remember, maybe one or two. 
Kennedy is getting so big and we can do so many more things with her, 
we are definitely hitting the fun stage.  We made lots of trips to the beach, 
where Kennedy loves! She always seems to be bored, but can dig 
and look for shells and swim with me! Finally someone to go in the ocean with! 
(My husband never wants to go into the water.)
Fall is definitely in the air, with the cooler weather and the days getting darker
sooner. I even made my first loaf of Pumpkin Bread... too soon?



It's amazing how you can put a toy away for a couple months, bring it
back out and it's the greatest "new" old toy. I'm going to miss the 
days when I can't pull this fast one on Kennedy anymore.


Kennedy has also become very attached to stuffed animals... the one thing I didn't want
to have a billion of.


Finger painting a picture for Nana.


Tiny hands.




First loaf of Pumpkin cinnamon bread!


Have I really hit 200! Only 165 to go.



End of the summer beach trip with my oldest friend from high school and our daughters, who 
will hopefully be life long friends :-)