Friday, April 25, 2014

Week 16 of 365 Project

The weather is getting warmer, a lot of smiles and goofiness are coming out
along with the nicer weather. We celebrated Easter this week and wow what
a difference from last year! Last year we had Kennedy sitting in a bumbo next to
her Easter basket, this year she took everything out and sat in her Easter basket.
We were still struggling with being new parents and now we've got it down.
What a difference a year makes <3


Kennedy was trying to wear my shirt. It is obviously much too big for her, but we put
it on along with a big sun hat and she looked like ET walking around the house!
Too funny :-)


One of our favorite things as I think I've mentioned before is playing with a big pot filled 
with water. This time Kennedy decided to wet her entire head...


Attempting to dye Easter eggs this year with Kennedy, who had no interest at all.
Maybe next year?


Kennedy's face on Easter morning and pointing to her Easter basket!
Almost to say "What is that?" 


Finally got to see Thor two!


My attempt on a healthier carrot cake. It wasn't so bad, I feel like you could definitely tell it
was on the "healthy" side, but it was still good!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Week 15 of 365 Project

Warmer weather is finally hitting New Jersey or so we thought.
At the end of the week we woke up with snow and ice all over the ground!
We enjoyed our first bike ride together as a family, which we had 
waited a very long time for. Following that kids need to be at least
a year old before going in a bike trailer, left us waiting and waiting.
Poor Kennedy's head is so small that even the infant helmet as tight
as it goes is still too big. Oh man what a workout ;-)



First bike ride!


Someone must miss Daddy when Monday's roll along. Seeing his hat
and telling me "Hat" I gave it to her and she put it on.


Feeding her babies.


Helping Daddy set up Mama's backdrop for her photo shoot.


Photo shoot was canceled last minute. Nothing worse than be emailed 
40 minutes before with everything all set up and ready to go.
Luckily I have my own little model that let me take a cute picture of her.



Washing the babies!


Our freezing April morning. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 13+14 of 365 Project.

 These past few weeks I haven't really had my camera in hand, well not in 
day to day life. I've been busy working and editing from sessions, doing what I love!
Marketing, post office trips, emailing, and getting ready for my first expo.
I'm so happy that I found the one thing in life that makes me happy.
Finding the beauty in each and everything<3


One of the best purchases I have ever made was on my ninja blender.


She couldn't wait for the french toast.


We're a french toast kinda family.


Her newest obsession is with crayons. She just started putting them 
on the paper and coloring :-)


Easter pictures. This is a face that just makes me laugh. I think she thought
it was funny I put her on a basket. She did the same face when I put a tiara
on her in the mirror. Pure amazement.




The smallest in the family.


We celebrated our nephew's birthday.


Trying to take this toddler's pictures is almost impossible now a days. 
I'm excited for the day she understands to sit for Mama for a second so I can
take her picture!