Thursday, August 28, 2014


I have become awful at this "picture a day" thing. Some days I only
carry my phone around with me, and some days I try to live in the moment and
enjoy every waking minute. I will finish the year with 365 pictures, I will!
Here are some picture from August that I haven't shared yet!



I loved the colors and the bricks in this picture.


My Great Grandma always took pictures of flowers and roses. I used to think they were all
the same and sort of boring. I don't know what's changed, but I really enjoy taking pictures
of flowers now.



Pathway to...


MmM Chocolate chip pankcakes!


Someone already steals my shoes.


Parfaits are so good, especially in the summer with fresh berries!


Here is one of the cakes I made this summer for a cake smash. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Family Mini Sessions!

With the cool weather today, it got me finally working on my first ever
family mini session! I'm so excited to do family mini sessions, because I 
understand that not everyone has expendable money to spend on
photography. I also know that many people love and cherish their family and having 
pictures to capture that is something everyone should have. 
So I'm excited to share this great opportunity with all of my past client's and 
hopefully some knew ones!

I also am doing something extra spacial for the family mini sessions.
If you go through your online gallery of pictures and decide you love them all,
you can purchase all the images from the session with print release for only $100! 

  • Families can be up to four people. (Additional charge for more than four.)
  • Couples are welcome!
  • Mom's to be and Dads!
  • If you don't have kids and want to bring your dog along, we could do that too!
  • If Mom and Dad don't want to be in the pictures we can do just the kids.

For booking please email-

Monday, August 11, 2014

365 Project, Hello August!

August is turning into a very busy month for me. With lots of sessions, it's making
me pick up my camera more around the house.
The other day I was playing with Kennedy, and she had a pony in her hair and she 
hopped in a basket in her room and I saw a great shot. So I ran to get my camera
convinced her to get back in the basket and got some great facial expressions.







Thursday, August 7, 2014

365 project- Goodbye July.

July is over and I'n not sad to see it go. We are one month closer to October, which
means cooler weather, beautiful colors, and Halloween!
I've already started thinking about what Kennedy will be for Halloween this year.
I know I'm crazy.
Tommy and I finally had a much needed date night and we ended up going to 
this restaurant down the street from our house. I mean literally, we walked there.
Meal located on 433 Kingsland street in Nutley.
The food was amazing, the owner stopped and put down his phone to talk to us
as we left. I can't wait to go back there again.


Here are our appetizers at MEAL, gosh I want to go there again just looking at the picture!


This is what happens when you bake with a 12 year old...


Adventures at Brookdale park.




Sometimes the serious pictures are the best ones.


First time watching Beauty and the Beast. 
(My favorite Disney movie!)


Daddy took this shot at Brookdale park and I just had to include it, I love it!

365 project- Ice cream addition.

Back in July, we gave Kennedy her first Ice cream cone. I cute off the top of the
cone so she her own mini cone. Of course I added rainbow sprinkles, who doesn't
like sprinkles? It was pretty funny to watch her try and figure out how to eat
the ice cream cone, but don't worry she managed to eat the whole thing.
The next morning while I was changing her diaper Kennedy asked me for ice cream. 
Unfortunately I had to explain to her that we don't eat ice cream at 9:00 am.

Kennedy's "Are you serious that cone is for me" face.


First lick.


What are those colored things on here, they taste good.




Thank goodness it was bath night.

Some where in the 365 project...

I have become awful at keeping up with this 365 project and then I remember
"oh hey I need to take some pictures" and I get a whole bunch of good ones
in one day. So here I am just keeping up with the numbers and hopefully
ending at 365/365 by December 31st.
Here's our trip to Van Saun Park with our friends and Kennedy's buddy Avery,
who is my oldest friend from high school! Our daughters are two weeks 
apart so it's pretty cool!

Little ladies.

Always reading.

Sharing bubbles :-)

Thank goodness for always having photography props in my car, 
it made for some fun times with these girls.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Andrew's first Birthday session!

Andrew's mother had found me through another client and had reached out
to me months and months ago about her son's first birthday session.
She didn't have much in mind, just a simple outdoor session at the park to
mark Andrew's first birthday and some family portraits as well.
We lucked out with a beautiful morning, not to hot and perfectly sunny.

Check out some of my favorite from Andrew's session.