Friday, February 20, 2015

Week4-5 of the 365 Project!

Do I dare say it? That I'm already falling behind with this 365 project.
Well here I am cramming two weeks into one blog post, just to catch up.
I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because I can hear a little voice
calling me from the baby monitor that she's ready to come out now!





We have been doing a lot of crafts and activities to keep ourselves busy
during these cold months!


Nothing beats chicken pot pie on a freezing cold winter day.


The cat. 


I found this cool activity online, where you fill a container with
baking soda and then mix food coloring and vinegar in small containers.
Use and eye dropper or I used an old vitamin dropper and they can drop the
colors in the baking soda and watch it fizz! Kennedy loved it, it kept
her buys for about an hour. Definitely put a blanket down because it can
get messy.





Making a noodle necklace, because a girl can never have to 
many necklaces. 


Flowers for Valentine's Day.


Just getting some work done and staying warm with some tea
at nap time. 


Stuffed mushrooms have become a go to food in our house, Kennedy 
can eat 6!


Practicing some food photography with puffed chia seeds, hemp seeds,
and sunflower seeds. What did I do with all these you ask? 
Well I made healthier "rice krispy treats".  Minus the rice krispies.


Someone had grown confident with climbing up on our bed and has
made it her new home.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Come walk in my shoes Photography Meet and Greet at the Studio!

I'm excited to announce the first ever meet and greet at my studio!
Whether you're thinking about getting portraits done, actively looking for
a photographer, or have worked with me in the past and would love to
see the studio, now's your chance! 

I invite you to come to the studio, take a look around, help yourself to 
some light refreshments, and catch up with me or chat about what you might
be looking for. I think it's important for people who choose me to take
some of their most valuable memories, to get to know me and what I'm 
all about. Space is limited, so please register before all the spots fill up.

To register please follow the link-
Come walk in my shoes Photography meet and greet!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nunzio's Valentine Mini Session

It seems like forever ago that I met this little guy, when he was only three weeks
old and I took his newborn pictures. Now here he is 8 months later, such a happy smiley 
baby boy. I got smiles just going through his pictures, while editing them.
I swear it looks like he's having the time of his life, and I love it!
It's such a pleasure to see these babies grow, it's something I'm so thankful
and lucky to experience. Anyway here is the smiley boy, Enjoy!

Kennedy's Valentine Mini Session

I debated for a while on taking Kennedy's pictures for Valentine's day.
I of course wanted to, but couldn't find the right outfit for it. I found these little shorts at
a local consignment store on clearance for $1, I instantly loved them, but
had no shirt to go with them. I actually found a 4t dress with little hearts 
on it, perfect for when she's 4 and I take her Valentine's pictures, not so 
helpful now. I was at the studio doing a Valentine mini this weekend and
decided to look through her old shirts and found one that was a light gray with
a puppy on the front, it was a size 12 months so I wasn't even sure if it would fit her.
I turned it backwards and voila! It fit and worked perfectly. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Noah's Valentine Mini session.

I met Noah a few months ago when I was running my Holiday mini sessions.
He was actually the first client I ever had in the studio! He was as adorable
as ever back in November, but his personality has definitely come out. At times he
would give me these looks like "Lady, you're crazy", but we put him on his
tummy and his arms and legs went a mile a minute with this huge smile 
across his face. I just heard from his Mom that they will be doing his first birthday
pictures with me in June and I can't wait. It's one thing I love about this job,
getting to watch all these little babies grow up!