Monday, December 29, 2014

Counting down the days till 2015... 356 Project.

Christmas has come and gone. It almost feels like it was never here. I guess most
of the excitement comes before the actual day. I have been taking Christmas mini
sessions since the beginning of November so you all shouldn't be surprised that
our Christmas tree came down yesterday. Yes, I said it yesterday!
If it didn't come down then, who knows when it would. I'm ready for spring
and we enjoyed the warm weather by taking Kennedy to the park today.
I know, I know, I have a long way to go before spring, but I can pretend.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and wishing
the best in the New Year!



2014 family picture! Every year since Tommy and I got married,
I bought a holiday frame from Kohls with the year on it and we take a
picture very close to Christmas and put it in the frame. It's one of my 
favorite traditions.


This was Kennedy's Christmas gift this year that I found at a consignment
shop for $20! We had it stored away since August and there was a lot
of temptation to give it to her sooner. We're not good at holding out in this family.


When Kennedy woke up and saw the kitchen she said "Wow a real kitchen!"
It was hilarious!


Checking out the kitchen with Daddy.


My sister got Kennedy this mini guitar with her name on it. Kennedy loved it and
my sister's boyfriend Mike brought his guitar and played with Kennedy.
She got so into it, closing her eyes and opening her mouth to sing along with Mike.


This is all one of our favorite pictures of the two of them. My husband got this shot!


My husband also got this shot as I was cleaning out the cabinet, Kennedy decided to help 
and put the colander over her face. I told my husband, "hurry hurry, get my camera!"


New backdrop I painted for an up coming session.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Randomness from December... 365 project.

Trying my hardest to get to 365 pictures for the year, but I think I might be coming
up a little short this year. That will just be my goal for next year, to finish the whole
project! Here are just some pictures from my phone during the month 
of December mixed right in.



I was meeting a client at the studio one day and I walk in
to the studio and find this. It was so sweet <3
Love my husband.


We took Kennedy to the allergist for the first time, because when we
had given her anything with peanuts her face broke out.


Kennedy got the skin test done and it came back that she wasn't allergic.
The Dr explained that it's a whole body reaction and her skin is just sensitive
to the acid in the peanuts.  We are definitely thankful and happy! 
Allergies are such a scary thing, I have so much respect for parents of 
children with allergies. 


We did have to go back to the allergist for a food challenge. They gave Kennedy
small amounts of peanut butter and watched for any reaction. She only got 
the small red marks on her face, like she did at home and the Dr explained
that it was nothing to worry about and she just has sensitive skin.


I had some left over pita bread that wasn't so fresh anymore so I tossed some in
olive oil and seasoning and some sprayed with coconut oil and cinnamon and sugar.
Put them in a 350 degree oven till they got brown and crispy. This snack is definitely 
a keeper in our house and so easy too.


Kennedy loves music!


Making some snicker doodle cookies, no garlic please Kennedy.


Kennedy and her cousin Payton, watching The Nightmare Before Christmas
and enjoying the snicker doodle cookies.


Love these girls.


Kennedy opening presents at my Grandpa's house as we celebrated Christmas
with family!


Family picture!


Kennedy was helping me empty the bags from shopping, until she spotted
some coconut.


I made some chia pudding and it really wasn't that bad. I'm big on 
textures so it was a little strange, but close to tapioca pudding.
It's really good for you though so I just gotta get past that.

How the 365 project ruined my Christmas cookies....

Usually I go crazy for Christmas cookies, I make a lot of the dough's a month or more
in advance and freeze them to make right before Christmas. This year with Kennedy
on the move, taking only one nap a day, and being totally busy with sessions, I ran out
of time and didn't get to make any. So I thought one day that would be a good activity 
with Kennedy, to make a batch of cookies. Now due to not expecting to make
cookies this year I didn't have anything to make them. I used whole wheat flour and coconut oil
in place of butter. As I'm taking a few pictures to use for the 365 project and turn
around to put my camera in a safe place away from Kennedy, I turn back and see
her drop a whole head of garlic in the mixer! I tried to get out every last piece of 
garlic skin, but I can't say I got it all. My husband was a good sport and ate 
almost all of them! On the plus side, baking chocolate chip cookies with whole wheat
flour and coconut oil make them extra crunchy!



Helping make cookies!


Kennedy and her jewelry.


Tiny hands.



Amazed by the mixer.


The garlic.


Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?


Such a crazy nut! <3

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas decorating. 365 project.

Usually on our tree you find all of my Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments
that my Aunt or I have found over the span of 10 years. This year I knew better.
I ran to Target and grabbed a container of ornaments for $15 bucks and bam, time to 
decorate. We had a lot of fun decorating the tree with Kennedy. I knew I would, it was
something since trying to get pregnant I dreamed of. The ornaments came right off
as far as she could reach them shortly after, but now a few weeks later she has lost interest 
and we don't have a half decorated Christmas tree anymore. 
Why did no one ever mention how comical kids are? Kennedy even got her step stool
and tried to put it next to the tree to get the ornaments she couldn't reach.






Hmm I think we grabbed the wrong box...




Husband took over.



A little black and white. 365 project.

Getting this kid to stand still, smile at the camera, or even stay when I have
a camera is a challenge in itself. I am however grateful for her uncompromising
personality when it comes to taking her pictures, because she truly is my
hardest model and she makes everyone else seem like a piece of cake. 
She has taught me so much patience and how to get the shot without getting
a smile every time.  I had no idea that when I went in her room to get one 
picture for the 365 project I ended up with 6 that I would love.








Monday, December 15, 2014

When did time start to move so fast? 365 Project.

I know everyone says it and in the beginning I didn't believe it. "They grow up so fast!"
 I eagerly counted down the weeks and months till Kennedy would get bigger. 
Till she would smile, laugh, walk, and to talk and be able to tell me what she wants. 
This morning at the grocery store the cashier said "she's a talker huh?" 
It seems like it took forever to get here, but now that it's here it feels like time 
is going so fast. I try to soak it all in while its here, because I know sooner or later 
the extreme excitement she has over the Christmas lights and decorations on houses as 
we drive by will one day be gone.  I'm just loving this age and all that comes with it,
even the fake crying! It's hysterical :-)



Now when Kennedy colors or scribbles she tells us 
"for you Mommy, for you Daddy."
It's very sweet.


Coming home to these two watching penguin videos still in their pajamas and cuddled close.


My first attempt at a vegan cake for my cousin and I have to say it wasn't 
bad, I definitely think I will be trying some more vegan baking in the future.


Love this shot I got of my Aunt lighting my cousin's candles. When I saw this picture
after uploading it, I just sat back and tried to image one day that will be Kennedy and it
seems so crazy. I can't even really imagine. 


My cousin Katy!


Anything good on sale this week?


Oh the beloved advent calender. Last year Kennedy waited all year to play with
the empty calender, this year we let her have the little chocolate or as she likes
to call it "hot chocolate".


Nothing makes me more happy then seeing the love Kennedy has for our cat.
I just love that boy so much and she does too. Tonight when I was bringing her
into her room, she said "Bye Blink". Sometimes I catch her talking to him
like he's a person and she brings him over a plate when she plays tea party.


MmM cream cheese!