Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kennedy's Easter Session.

It's pretty amazing how fast children grow and without even knowing it half the time.
I guess that's one amazing thing about my job, that I do see a lot. From a 
newborn to a 6 month old session to a first birthday session. In the blink of an eye
all these beautiful babies are growing up. I don't always pay attention with my 
own daughter at how fast she is growing and changing. I mean I look at her and
still see my baby. This past weekend I took her Easter pictures and in just a few
short weeks, Kennedy has changed. She sat for pictures and didn't run around
the studio like crazy and she listened when I would ask her things. I felt like I was
with a totally different child. It could be that she is just getting used to the studio now,
who really knows, but looking at these pictures I see a big kid! 

Don't grow to fast Kenadoodle <3


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Angelina's Newborn session.

Angelina was the 2nd angel baby that I've had the pleasure of shooting.
If you're unsure of what an angel baby is, it's a baby that is pretty much perfect
during a photo session and sleeps most of the time. They are pretty rare!
She slept right through the entire session and was easy to calm, when she 
became a little fussy at the end. She was born on my daughter's birthday, so it 
brought back a lot of fond memories for myself. Her Daddy is a cop, so it was fun to 
incorporate some of  his stuff into the session, to give him some special pictures. 
I was lucky enough to get a picture sent from her mother about a week or two after 
the session and I can't believe how much she's grown! She was such a cutie and I 
I can't wait to work with her again!


Monday, March 9, 2015

Weeks 6,7, and 8 of the 365 project!

I have fallen behind with this project. I find it harder and harder to take pictures
every day as Kennedy is getting older and needing more attention and asking me
to play with her. She will come up to me and say "Let's play Mommy!" I 
mean how can I say no to that? She also tells me every time I leave to go 
anywhere, "Stay with Kennedy, Mommy." 

We have been working on trying to use the potty and she has been
eager to use the potty one day, and then wants
nothing to do with it the next. I'm just taking it for what it is and think it will
because easier as she understands more.  

We have also all had a cold in this house for the past week, this is about the
fifth time this year that I've had a cold, but Tommy and Kennedy's first.
Lot's of tissues and mood swings going on over in this house, but the
weather is getting warmer and I'm excited to get outside.

Hope you all aren't getting cabin fever, Spring is only 12 days away!



One of my friends invited me to a painting class in Montclair, it was 
pretty fun and interesting to see how everyone's picture was in 
someway different. 


Two crazy kids! 


Declan and Kennedy <3


Sometimes I have to look away, this kid and her faces. She always 
knows how to make me laugh.


One of my favorite set ups this past month.


I've been trying to make more home made food, instead of buy them.
It's fun, because I can add a little of this and a little of that to
make them more healthy!


I woke up one morning to this... I guess baby had to use the potty.


Just something that caught my eye at a bar.



Loves to read!


We had a playdate with Declan again and Kennedy found his fire fighter boots,
she wore them the entire time we were at Declan's house. Of course she did not
want to take them off, so I told her I would look in the store and see if we could
find a pair of her own. I ended up finding them at Target and when I showed 
them to Kennedy and asked if she wanted the fire fighter ones or the pink ones, 
she chose the fire fighter ones and then said "I found them, Thank you Mommy!
Thank you!" haha this kid :-)


Kennedy's sad sick face.


Some days this is how she feels about using the potty,
run away and run away fast!


Other days she sits her baby next to her and they practice together.


I thought of the idea of cutting up old paper that Kennedy had
scribbled on and giving her a glue stick to glue the papers to the paper.
Let me tell you it kept her buys for a very long time, it actually 
was something she wanted to do every day for about 4 days!


So my best friend's bridal shower was this past weekend and while browsing 
pintrest I came across a Rice Krispie treat cake. Now growing up this was
our go to thing to make so I just knew I had to make one for her shower.
It was actually pretty easy to make and Kennedy loved it! She told me
"It's beautiful, Mommy" 


Here is a quick shot of the cake I made for the shower, I was absolutely in
love with how it came out. Usually I pick at everything I could have done
better, but I loved this cake. I found the flowers at whole foods and they worked
perfect with the cake!


Here was a quick shot of the set up at the shower.


We also used their engagement pictures to make wine bottle labels for the favors.
Those came out amazing as well!

Monday, March 2, 2015