Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday though Cyber Monday sale!

Excited to announce this years Black Friday sale!

I wasn't to sure if I would be doing a sale this year, but the more I thought about it 
the more I wanted to give something back to the people who support me and
value my work. 

So this year I will be offering $100 off any collection including newborn sessions.
*(Collection one for portraits and newborn mini sessions are not included)*

I have limited number of sessions that I will be giving the discount to 
so if your thinking about doing a session in the 2015 year don't hesitate!
Discount is first come first serve.

(Booking and deposit must be paid before 11:00 pm December 1st, if the deposit is not paid, the discount will be invalid. New inquiries only, if you have previously emailed me about a session you are not eligible, it must be the first time you are contacting me about a session.)

For booking or questions please email-

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

365 Project!

As I lay in bed this morning, thinking about how it's already November
18th and it hit me, I have a lot more pictures and posts to make if
I'm going to get all of my 365 images of the 365 project done!
So I'm going to try everyday now to take a picture of something and get
it on here. Today we did a little painting and I made sure to grab my 
camera and get a shot of our art work. Kennedy was very excited to paint,
she had a melt down when I told her we had to eat breakfast first, but with
a little love and hugs we got through breakfast and had some fun painting.



This kid loves to bake, just like I do. Can't wait when she can really
help me out, dishes and all!


That face! She was just so excited to make blueberry muffins.


She totally did this on her own, must be instinct to kids. Funny story,
when making the birthday cake for Tommy I had her mix the eggs and
milk together and she said "taste it" I was like "NOOO"
Crazy girl!




Thought I would get festive with my mail for the up coming months.


What I painted today, hoping to make a background of flowers like these.
We used the color wonder paints and I didn't rinse between colors, I really
like how it make the flowers look!


Kennedy's art work!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy 100th post and Birthday to my favorite man! 365 project.

I've hit 100 posts on my blog and it's almost hard to believe.
I've been busy with many shoots and somehow found the time to
plan a surprise dinner for my husband and a couple friends this
weekend. I pretty much pulled it off, but there were definitely some
bumps along the road. It was also so hard for me not to say anything!
I made it work and he was happy. 
Today Kennedy and I made him a cake, that I used to make
at the bakery I had my externship with and always wanted to 
eat one. It was a "mounds" cake as they called it.
Vanilla cake, a layer of melted chocolate that you let get hard in between
the cake layers and frosted with homemade whipped cream! Then
you cover it in coconut. We all loved it, especially Kennedy. We had to 
actually take away some of the cake because she would have ate the
whole piece! Good thing Tommy can bring half the cake to work 
tomorrow. As I was making the cake I thought of the 365 project 
and got a couple of shots that I love.



The big 30!


Who doesn't enjoy some hidden chocolate?
When Kennedy got to it she said "OoO Hot chocolate Daddy!"


Homemade whipped cream anyone?
Love the texture in this picture.


The finished product.


Daddy and his girl.


Expert cake eater. (And she's only had it about 3 times.)


Her eyes are definitely bigger than her stomach!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Welcome to the Studio!

I can't be more thrilled and excited to finally share 
Come walk in my shoes Photography's studio! It was a shot in the dark
 that I came across it, and I knew I couldn't pass it by, with an encouraging
push from my husband I didn't! Looking back at the beginning of this year, 
I wrote a list of goals that I wished to accomplish in 2014. 
Getting a studio space was one of them. I never thought that this year it would 
be happening, it was more of a 5 year goal plan.  I definitely knew what 
I wanted it to look like and anyone that knows me, I think will agree it's totally me.
It has great natural light for all my sessions, bright walls, pictures of your
little ones and lots and lots of love put into every detail.
I'm just in love with it and can't wait to show to all my past clients and
hopefully meet many many new clients there!
Thank you for all the love and support, from my family, friends, and of course
my client's!


Last week of October- 365 project!

Where does the time go? I feel like I was just getting ready for Halloween and 
enjoying the warm fall weather. Now we are almost at Thanksgiving and the cold 
is setting in. I have so many blog posts to catch up on, I don't even know where 
to start. With finally getting a studio space, something I had written down
for my 2014 goals, but didn't even think I would accomplish that goal this year, 
it sort of set us on a world wind. Trying to find the time to get the walls painted,
floor down, and all of my stuff there.
With only two hours every night after Kennedy goes to bed, it took us longer then
we would have liked. Thankful we had helps from some friends and my husband 
it is finally all done! That's going to be another post though.

For now enjoy!


I'm so thankful for the 365 project, although I might not get my camera 
out everyday and take pictures, I definitely wouldn't have some of these
moments captured without the push of this project. I definitely think I'm
going to do something similar for the 2015 year.


My mini me!


Tommy and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary this year
and I had gotten a ring from this company and loved
their bracelets too! So happy I have one now :-)


I'm definitely going to embarrass Kennedy when she gets older with
all of my emotional moments. I'm not gonna lie, I got teared up with how
excited she was to see Elmo in person.


Typical kid.


With Kennedy's peanut allergy there's not many Halloween treats or 
candy she can eat, not that I would give it to her at this age anyway, but 
the Halloween shaped pretzels were a win!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Holiday Cards!

I'm so excited to share with everyone my options for Holiday cards this year.
Everyone who has booked in the past with me or is doing a Holiday mini
session is welcome to purchase! They are a very reasonable price of $1.20 each
so for 25 cards it's $30 with envelopes. Everyone who purchases will also receive 
a complimentary timeline cover with your choice of three images from your session!

Take a look and enjoy!

-Merry Front-

-Merry Back-

-Pine Back-

-Pine Front-

-Ribbon Front-

-Ribbon Back-

-Snow Front-

-Snow Back-

-Trees Front-

-Trees Back-

-Timeline cover-