Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer days...

Last week one day Kennedy and I were playing with her baby doll. I was
making crying noise and explaining to her that babies cry a lot, in fact she cried
a whole lot. She didn't seem to like the crying noise and tried to shove a bottle
in the dolls mouth, if only it were that easy. After that she ventured to the
chair with her doll and she was being absolutely adorable, so I quickly 
grabbed my camera. While going through the images, I just saw this mothering
in her that filled my heart. It was definitely a site to see her
stare, make silly faces, kiss and hold her doll as if it were her really baby. 
So glad I grabbed my camera for this one.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ice Cream Mini Sessions!

Super excited to announce what I will be doing for a summer mini session this year!
What could be more fun than eating Ice Cream on a hot day? 
I couldn't think of much either. This year I will be offering Ice Cream mini sessions,
taking place at Kips Castle Park 22 Crestmont Road Verona, NJ 07044

Time slots are as follows:


Dates are July 10th and 12th
(Friday and Sunday)
*Please have the following weekend open for rescheduling, due to inclement weather.
Sorry there are no refunds.

Refer a friend and receive an additional 8x10 print!

(The fine print)
Two children per session, additional children are $15.
A watermarked digital image of each print you choose 
will be given for you to share on social media. 
Come walk in my shoes Photography retains the rights
to each image. 
You have the option to purchase additional images.
The children have the choice of Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream,
along with sprinkles, on a cone.
(It will be Bryers brand.) Please read the label if your
child has allergies. If you wish to opt out of using the
ice cream you may, and it will just be a mini session focused
on the child.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015

I have become awful at blogging and totally blew the 365 project this year...
So hear I am with a recap May 2015!
We had a lot of fun, finally getting outside and being able to enjoy the 
warmer weather. We visited Alstede farms out in Chester for some strawberry
picking, only to get there and do to the cooler spring, the strawberries weren't
ready to be picked yet. We made the day fun with our friends by grabbing lunch
in town and checking out the car show. We had playdates, washes the car, and 
celebrated my last year in my 20's. Can't wait to see what June brings us!!


Sabeita's Maternity session at the park.

Everything went perfectly for Sabeita's maternity session, we had nice warm, but not 
hot weather. Her outfit was right on point! I can't stress this enough, but outfits
really help make the picture. I have started down the road to little to no props, because
I find that it just makes pictures dated and cluttered. I am going down a more simple path and
focusing more on the subject. Sure props are still fun for first birthday sessions,
but family and maternity, work well when they are more simple.
Sabeita was so amazing during the session, sitting in the grass and not even giving a 
thought to what bugs could be around. "I'm a country girl" she told me at one point.
It made for some amazing pictures, and she texted me after looking at them and said-
"It's all beautiful, thank you so much, I didn't think I was going to look pretty in them"
That right there means I did my job, I was able to make her see herself at her most
beautiful! That is why I love my job :-)


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nick and Victoria's first birthday session.

It had been almost a whole year since I had seen these two, they were only about a week
old when I first took their pictures. Now a year later they have their own personalities
and cute little chubby faces. They are too cute for words! I had fun planing their
session, as a lover of Disney myself, I was completely obsessed with Minnie Mouse as
a child, so I enjoyed this session. Mom brought a Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake
for the cake smash, but as a lot of kids, Nick and Victoria did not want any part of
it. They still did an amazing job during their session and I can't wait to see them
again in September for their family session.


Monday, May 18, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding

Every relationship has it's ups and downs, and my relationship with my
friend Tara was no exception. We both moved to Wayne the same summer and
met in high school, but in different grades (I'm a year older).  I didn't have
many friends in my own grade, but Tara and I had a mutual friend, who
invited us to a band show, that's when I met Tara. We chased around boys 
in bands all night and already planed going to a show next weekend together.
Little did we both know it, meeting that night at the Pequannock
Kights of Columbus in 2012 would be life changing. 

We were inseparable, everyone knew us as Sara and Tara.
Her little sister became my little sister, her Mom became Mama B,
and her Dad started calling me his other daughter. Sure we had our fights,
I mean we were girls in our teens, we fought all the time. But we always 
knew we had each other. Till one day 4 years ago, we had a fight
and it broke our friendship. I didn't speak to Tara after that fight for almost
two years, and swore that I never would again. Everyone who 
knew me, who really knew me, said I would, but I swore I wouldn't.

Till my first Mother's day, when I reached out to Tara. See in the span
of two years we both had children, Tara had a daughter Avery, born 
December 28th 2012 and I had a daughter Kennedy January 14th 2013.
They were born two weeks apart and I can happily say are best friends.

So this weekend Tara got married and I walked my daughter and her
daughter, as well as another flower girl down the isle. I couldn't stop the
happy tears for months leading up to the wedding let alone the wedding
it self. It was just something so surreal and amazing the way things
all turned out.

-Wishing you a lifetime of happiness-


Bride, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Bridesmaids.

My little family. 

Avery and I. 

Tara and I.

The little flower girls.

Kennedy and I.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Photography adventures with my little.

Today Kennedy was my personal model, as she always is. I knew today would 
be a great morning for pictures, not to cold and over cast, so pretty much 
perfect lighting. It's funny I am on a few photographer groups on Facebook,
and a common thing among photographer's children, is that they hate their
pictures being taken. Kennedy is definitely turning over a new leaf and maybe, 
dare I say enjoying it? She even says "Hey that's me!" When she sees the pictures
on the computer. Let's keep it up kid!

Love you,


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Family mini sessions!

I'm excited to announce family mini sessions this spring! With the warmer weather what better way to spend it then at mini session at the park with your family, capturing some great memories.
I will be doing things a little differently with the gallery reveals, I will invite you into the studio and show you all your pictures from the session via a slide show! You will then get the chance to pick which pictures from your session you would like to purchase, ether through print collections or A la carte options. 

Included in the session price is approximately 30 minutes of shooting time at a local park, one 11x14 print to hang in your home, and an in person gallery viewing and order session. I'm excited to be offering a larger print with this session, because that's something you can hang on your wall, not just keep in a drawer somewhere. Family is so important and family portraits every year are a good way to hold onto those memories and see how much everyone has grown. 

For more information about print collections, the in person gallery viewing and order session, or to book email me at

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kennedy's Easter Session.

It's pretty amazing how fast children grow and without even knowing it half the time.
I guess that's one amazing thing about my job, that I do see a lot. From a 
newborn to a 6 month old session to a first birthday session. In the blink of an eye
all these beautiful babies are growing up. I don't always pay attention with my 
own daughter at how fast she is growing and changing. I mean I look at her and
still see my baby. This past weekend I took her Easter pictures and in just a few
short weeks, Kennedy has changed. She sat for pictures and didn't run around
the studio like crazy and she listened when I would ask her things. I felt like I was
with a totally different child. It could be that she is just getting used to the studio now,
who really knows, but looking at these pictures I see a big kid! 

Don't grow to fast Kenadoodle <3