Monday, May 18, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding

Every relationship has it's ups and downs, and my relationship with my
friend Tara was no exception. We both moved to Wayne the same summer and
met in high school, but in different grades (I'm a year older).  I didn't have
many friends in my own grade, but Tara and I had a mutual friend, who
invited us to a band show, that's when I met Tara. We chased around boys 
in bands all night and already planed going to a show next weekend together.
Little did we both know it, meeting that night at the Pequannock
Kights of Columbus in 2012 would be life changing. 

We were inseparable, everyone knew us as Sara and Tara.
Her little sister became my little sister, her Mom became Mama B,
and her Dad started calling me his other daughter. Sure we had our fights,
I mean we were girls in our teens, we fought all the time. But we always 
knew we had each other. Till one day 4 years ago, we had a fight
and it broke our friendship. I didn't speak to Tara after that fight for almost
two years, and swore that I never would again. Everyone who 
knew me, who really knew me, said I would, but I swore I wouldn't.

Till my first Mother's day, when I reached out to Tara. See in the span
of two years we both had children, Tara had a daughter Avery, born 
December 28th 2012 and I had a daughter Kennedy January 14th 2013.
They were born two weeks apart and I can happily say are best friends.

So this weekend Tara got married and I walked my daughter and her
daughter, as well as another flower girl down the isle. I couldn't stop the
happy tears for months leading up to the wedding let alone the wedding
it self. It was just something so surreal and amazing the way things
all turned out.

-Wishing you a lifetime of happiness-


Bride, Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Bridesmaids.

My little family. 

Avery and I. 

Tara and I.

The little flower girls.

Kennedy and I.



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