Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sabeita's Maternity session at the park.

Everything went perfectly for Sabeita's maternity session, we had nice warm, but not 
hot weather. Her outfit was right on point! I can't stress this enough, but outfits
really help make the picture. I have started down the road to little to no props, because
I find that it just makes pictures dated and cluttered. I am going down a more simple path and
focusing more on the subject. Sure props are still fun for first birthday sessions,
but family and maternity, work well when they are more simple.
Sabeita was so amazing during the session, sitting in the grass and not even giving a 
thought to what bugs could be around. "I'm a country girl" she told me at one point.
It made for some amazing pictures, and she texted me after looking at them and said-
"It's all beautiful, thank you so much, I didn't think I was going to look pretty in them"
That right there means I did my job, I was able to make her see herself at her most
beautiful! That is why I love my job :-)



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