Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week Eight of 365 Project.

It's kind of hard to believe that eight weeks have come and gone!
I can remember last year counting weeks because I had a newborn
and I was keeping track of her growth and development.
This year I'm just trying to keep up with the kid!

We had a little taste of the warmer weather this weekend and what
a tease! Here we are back to the cold only a few days later.
I'm excited for the warmer weather so we can spend more time
outdoors. It will be a whole new world to Kennedy when she sees 
the flowers blooming on the trees this year. Last year she still had no
idea what was going on. Now that she can walk and explore she 
will surely enjoy her new freedom.


Eating healthy has become very important to me in the past couple of years.
I hope to instill healthy eating in Kennedy so she can live a long happy life.
I love that she enjoys all fruit and I can't wait for the summer to get her eating all
the yummy summer fruits. Maybe a watermelon photo shoot?!

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner! If there is one thing I love it's the fact
that I have some Irish in my blood. My grandmother was very proud to be Irish
and she passed that along to me!

Sharing some of Mama's Protein shake. (She actually liked it.)


I couldn't pick just one picture from our Sunday morning pancakes. I decided to add 
some blueberries that I had made Kennedy the day before into the batter and wow they 
came out pretty cool! 

Playtime with Daddy.


I also couldn't pick just one picture from her bathtime the other night. I put bubble bath
in the water, which we had stopped for a while due to the very bad diaper rash and she
was just so amazed by the bubbles. She would put them on her hand and try to sniff them
and eat them and then laugh hysterically! I just love her little face in the last picture, a great
shot of her looking down smiling. I love her so so much. 


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