Friday, June 6, 2014

365 project!

Days go by, then weeks and here I am playing catch up again with the 365 project.
I think it has to do with the warmer weather and spending more and more
time at the park. Kennedy now asks me every morning "park"so off we go.
My birthday landed on Memorial Day this year and we spent it at our friends house
with great food, friends, and Kennedy playing in the pool. 
Then Tommy had vacation time and we had a great week with Kennedy together!



Pinterest is one of my obsessions, I could spend an endless amount of time on there...
I have found so many great recipes on pinterest and I'm always searching for more!


Enjoying the warm weather and the pool! This girl is such a water baby, last year she 
wouldn't even put her feet in the pool, this years she's on her belly kicking and swimming.


Checking out the sting rays at the touch tank with Daddy.


Watching the peacock walk around the zoo.


Look at that big alligator! 


Going on the merry go round with Daddy for the first time.
(Yes I did get teary eyed.)


Family shot before heading to the waterpark at Great Wolf lodge. This was our first family
trip overnight and Kennedy did amazing! Tommy and I were expecting to be driving home
at midnight, incase she couldn't sleep not in her crib, but she did it!
Mommy and Daddy on the other hand did not sleep so well...


Such a tiny girl in that bear chair!


Our favorite book :-)


She always has to dance, everywhere we go!


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