Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kennedy's Easter Session.

It's pretty amazing how fast children grow and without even knowing it half the time.
I guess that's one amazing thing about my job, that I do see a lot. From a 
newborn to a 6 month old session to a first birthday session. In the blink of an eye
all these beautiful babies are growing up. I don't always pay attention with my 
own daughter at how fast she is growing and changing. I mean I look at her and
still see my baby. This past weekend I took her Easter pictures and in just a few
short weeks, Kennedy has changed. She sat for pictures and didn't run around
the studio like crazy and she listened when I would ask her things. I felt like I was
with a totally different child. It could be that she is just getting used to the studio now,
who really knows, but looking at these pictures I see a big kid! 

Don't grow to fast Kenadoodle <3



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