Monday, January 13, 2014

Week Two 365 Project.

Tuesday was the coldest day in the past 20 years!

Someone is loving their toy camera lately. It was one of the first toys I bought her.
She even brings it up to her face as if she's taking a picture. 

Our house is becoming full of toys, toys, toys! Kennedy was so blessed to get so many
gifts for Christmas and her birthday is so close to Christmas I can only imagine
more are on the way.

Aunt Bon came over for a visit and some good quality family time. It was the 4th year
anniversary of our mother's death and it was good to get to spend the time together.  


Kennedy is quite amazed by the snow! She loves watching it from her bedroom window.


Once all the Christmas decorations come down I really don't know how to
decorate the house. Now that Kennedy is here and her birthday is right after 
Christmas I've decided to decorate for her birthday every year. I made some cute 
banners that she just loves, and when I ask her who's birthday is coming 
she walks over to the banners and points!


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