Tuesday, September 30, 2014

365 Project, Adventure in the woods.

Do you ever take a step back, stop and enjoy the moment for what it is? I've been trying to work on that, putting down my phone, camera, video camera, and just 
take in the moments as they happen. 
Enjoy them for what they are.
 I think our society as a whole needs to put down their phones. 
I try to stay off my phone whenever I'm around Kennedy because I don't want her growing up thinking that's normal. That it's normal to sit with friends or family and not talk to each other or interact. I do miss a lot of opportunities for pictures or to capture 
moments that I might soon forget, but you miss so much more when your head is down 
in your phone. 

This past week I took Kennedy with me to check out my first location for 
family mini sessions, I brought my camera along as I do every time, to make
sure the lighting is good at the time of day I will be there. I didn't think or
expect to get any pictures of Kennedy, my goal was only to check out the 
location and lighting. However I got some pretty amazing shots of Kennedy.
When did she grow up?




Everything is new.



When did she become such a big kid?


Yet the trees still make her seem small.




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