Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my all time favorite holiday, as it is many people. 
So of course having a child makes it all the more fun.  I've definitely put some
pressure on myself to come up with cute DIY costumes for Kennedy and start
planing months in advance. With the love I have for Halloween I couldn't 
just go out and buy her a costume, it would just feel wrong.
Of course Pinterest is a great place to get ideas,
I originally wanted to make a ghost costume for Kennedy because she 
would say "BOO, Scare me!" But every ghost costume I came across
was the same thing. So I thought what about a skeleton? I searched pinterest
for "little girl skeleton costumes" and nothing came up and I thought,
"Yup! We'll be the first!"

So I ventured to Old Navy and saw this skeleton sweatshirt in the boys section,
but it was a little to bulky. Then I turned around and staring me in the face
were pink skeleton pajamas with little floating hearts (and they glow in the dark!).
 So I grabbed them, made a sparkly pink tutu to match and big pink bow headband. 
I wanted to incorporate the skeleton into the head band so
 I searched and searched for some kind of bone or skeleton to put on the bow, 
I managed to find a pack of cupcake toppers that were skull heads, I just hot 
glued it right in the middle of the bow and sprayed hair spray all over it, to 
avoid it getting sticky. I really love how the costume came out,
she is ether a ballerina skeleton or a very girly skeleton.
Ether way she loves it!


Her scary face!