Friday, November 14, 2014

Welcome to the Studio!

I can't be more thrilled and excited to finally share 
Come walk in my shoes Photography's studio! It was a shot in the dark
 that I came across it, and I knew I couldn't pass it by, with an encouraging
push from my husband I didn't! Looking back at the beginning of this year, 
I wrote a list of goals that I wished to accomplish in 2014. 
Getting a studio space was one of them. I never thought that this year it would 
be happening, it was more of a 5 year goal plan.  I definitely knew what 
I wanted it to look like and anyone that knows me, I think will agree it's totally me.
It has great natural light for all my sessions, bright walls, pictures of your
little ones and lots and lots of love put into every detail.
I'm just in love with it and can't wait to show to all my past clients and
hopefully meet many many new clients there!
Thank you for all the love and support, from my family, friends, and of course
my client's!



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