Monday, November 17, 2014

Happy 100th post and Birthday to my favorite man! 365 project.

I've hit 100 posts on my blog and it's almost hard to believe.
I've been busy with many shoots and somehow found the time to
plan a surprise dinner for my husband and a couple friends this
weekend. I pretty much pulled it off, but there were definitely some
bumps along the road. It was also so hard for me not to say anything!
I made it work and he was happy. 
Today Kennedy and I made him a cake, that I used to make
at the bakery I had my externship with and always wanted to 
eat one. It was a "mounds" cake as they called it.
Vanilla cake, a layer of melted chocolate that you let get hard in between
the cake layers and frosted with homemade whipped cream! Then
you cover it in coconut. We all loved it, especially Kennedy. We had to 
actually take away some of the cake because she would have ate the
whole piece! Good thing Tommy can bring half the cake to work 
tomorrow. As I was making the cake I thought of the 365 project 
and got a couple of shots that I love.



The big 30!


Who doesn't enjoy some hidden chocolate?
When Kennedy got to it she said "OoO Hot chocolate Daddy!"


Homemade whipped cream anyone?
Love the texture in this picture.


The finished product.


Daddy and his girl.


Expert cake eater. (And she's only had it about 3 times.)


Her eyes are definitely bigger than her stomach!


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