Thursday, December 11, 2014

Racing against the 365 Project!

I literally have weeks of pictures to post and write about.
As I sit here making gifts that include a bunch of Kennedy's pictures
from throughout the year, I'm so glad that I did this project and stuck with it.
At times I wanted to just stop, but I kept at it and I definitely think I'm
going to push myself to do it again starting January.



Thanksgiving cooking, thank you lord for crock pots!


Taste testing.


This kid and all her odds and ends. She finds the most random things
and they become something she just needs to have. We don't even need 
to buy toys yet. It's a great money saver!


Helping me feed the cat, well sort of helping...


I made my first ever vegan cake for my cousins birthday and I have to say it wasn't
bad at all. No guilt ether, it was super healthy. Blueberry lemon poppy seed cake.


Instead of using eggs for baking when on a vegan diet you can use chia seeds.


Most of the time in this profession I get attached to my subjects, sometimes 
capturing them from the moment they are in their mother's stomach through their
first birthday and hopefully after. It's nice when a client becomes a friend and
they love me just as much as I love them.


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