Monday, December 15, 2014

When did time start to move so fast? 365 Project.

I know everyone says it and in the beginning I didn't believe it. "They grow up so fast!"
 I eagerly counted down the weeks and months till Kennedy would get bigger. 
Till she would smile, laugh, walk, and to talk and be able to tell me what she wants. 
This morning at the grocery store the cashier said "she's a talker huh?" 
It seems like it took forever to get here, but now that it's here it feels like time 
is going so fast. I try to soak it all in while its here, because I know sooner or later 
the extreme excitement she has over the Christmas lights and decorations on houses as 
we drive by will one day be gone.  I'm just loving this age and all that comes with it,
even the fake crying! It's hysterical :-)



Now when Kennedy colors or scribbles she tells us 
"for you Mommy, for you Daddy."
It's very sweet.


Coming home to these two watching penguin videos still in their pajamas and cuddled close.


My first attempt at a vegan cake for my cousin and I have to say it wasn't 
bad, I definitely think I will be trying some more vegan baking in the future.


Love this shot I got of my Aunt lighting my cousin's candles. When I saw this picture
after uploading it, I just sat back and tried to image one day that will be Kennedy and it
seems so crazy. I can't even really imagine. 


My cousin Katy!


Anything good on sale this week?


Oh the beloved advent calender. Last year Kennedy waited all year to play with
the empty calender, this year we let her have the little chocolate or as she likes
to call it "hot chocolate".


Nothing makes me more happy then seeing the love Kennedy has for our cat.
I just love that boy so much and she does too. Tonight when I was bringing her
into her room, she said "Bye Blink". Sometimes I catch her talking to him
like he's a person and she brings him over a plate when she plays tea party.


MmM cream cheese!


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