Saturday, December 27, 2014

How the 365 project ruined my Christmas cookies....

Usually I go crazy for Christmas cookies, I make a lot of the dough's a month or more
in advance and freeze them to make right before Christmas. This year with Kennedy
on the move, taking only one nap a day, and being totally busy with sessions, I ran out
of time and didn't get to make any. So I thought one day that would be a good activity 
with Kennedy, to make a batch of cookies. Now due to not expecting to make
cookies this year I didn't have anything to make them. I used whole wheat flour and coconut oil
in place of butter. As I'm taking a few pictures to use for the 365 project and turn
around to put my camera in a safe place away from Kennedy, I turn back and see
her drop a whole head of garlic in the mixer! I tried to get out every last piece of 
garlic skin, but I can't say I got it all. My husband was a good sport and ate 
almost all of them! On the plus side, baking chocolate chip cookies with whole wheat
flour and coconut oil make them extra crunchy!



Helping make cookies!


Kennedy and her jewelry.


Tiny hands.



Amazed by the mixer.


The garlic.


Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?


Such a crazy nut! <3


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