Monday, January 12, 2015

Avery's Valentine Mini Session

You all might remember a while back when I took my oldest friend Tara's engagement
pictures. Well I finally got their daughter Avery in front of my camera for a little
mini session. I remember Tara telling me that Avery didn't do so well when they had
gotten Christmas pictures done, which Tara's father took them to Picture People!
It's their tradition, blah blah, come on Chris! ;-)
So I one had to prove to Tara's dad that I can get the best pictures of his Granddaughter,
and two knew Avery would do better with me because she knew me.  
She did such a great job, listened when I told her to sit, but still comfortable enough
with me to look all around, not nearly as comfortable as my own daughter who
runs amok in the studio. Her pictures are as adorable as she is and I'm so lucky I got
to take them!




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