Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week Three of the 365 project!

The winter and a two year old leaves me with little time to be adventurous with
the 365 project. If most of my photos aren't of Kennedy, they are most likely of 
food or baked goods, recipes found off of the most addicting site out there...
Pinterest.  Kennedy is at the stage where she only knows how to run, ether that or
she's training early to run track like her Pop-pop. It makes it quite hard to
grab her, let alone her picture. I'm anxiously waiting the spring. When we can 
take walks in the park, adventure and look for flowers, and wear tee shirts!
I'm hoping I will be able to get some variety in my pictures when it gets warmer,
but as I said I am chasing a future track runner.



We like to build tents a lot :-)


Miss Diva.


Found this bunch of flowers at Hobby Lobby and just loved them.
I based one of my recent newborn set ups around them.


Roasted vegetables with some olive oil and seasoning.


Found these at BJ's, they were yummy!


We made a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts while shopping for
Aunt Bonnie's 30th Birthday present.


Always crafting!


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