Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kennedy's 2nd Birthday shoot- If you give a pig a party.

It's hard to believe that two years ago I was anxiously awaiting the arrival
of a baby. Waiting for any sign that she would be on her way. To no avail she
did not want to come out and I was induced. Her personality hasn't changed
in two years, she still does things when she wants to and likes things a certain way,
but she is such a sweet girl. Always sharing and saying hello to people. 
I've caught myself recently just taking in what she's doing at the exact moment
she's doing it and thinking how innocent and sweet she is and how lucky I am
to be her Mom. I'm so thankful and lucky to have her in my life.

Planing Kennedy's birthday pictures started months back. She has always loved
"If you give a pig a party" book by Laura Numeroff. It was actually reading this book
last year around her birthday that she tried to say balloon, one of her first words. It
sounded nothing like balloon, but I knew what she was saying and when we would get
to the page with all the balloons, she would get very excited and try to say it.

So I went through and picked out one of the most recognizable scene and recreated it.
I searched Pinterest and Ebay for a dress that matched the party dress the pig wore.
I found one and bid on it and when it arrived it was perfect. I added a felt peter pan collar
to match the pigs dress and some ribbon. I drew the pig and put her on a bunch of cut out
party hats and stuck her on the wall, we couldn't do all this without the pig!
I loved how it turned out and I hope looking back she enjoys it too. The rest of the
shots where based off of a crown headband that I found in H&M while Christmas
 shopping back in November. I also managed to find the dress at Old Navy that same night.  

Happy Birthday Kennedy!



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