Friday, January 16, 2015

Week two of the 365 Project!

Here we are two weeks in and I feel like it's already February for some reason.
It's probably just me wishing away the cold and anxiously waiting for the warmer 
weather.  This week we celebrated Kennedy's second birthday! It's hard to remember
a time when she wasn't here. We had a good day, out to breakfast at Whole Foods,
though this is the 2nd time we've had breakfast by them and it's not so great.
As we pulled into the parking lot and I told Kennedy we were here she said
"No, restaurant." I said "They have food and tables inside, we're going to eat in here!"
With fake crying and moaning "No Mommy, restaurant." Needless to say she loved
the food and ate like a champ. I had also asked her what she wanted for her
birthday dinner and she told me meatballs, so I made meatballs for dinner, restaurant size
and she ate 3! I don't know where she fits it, but she even asked for more. 

All in all it was a great week and I'm ending it with a 2 year old.



As I've said before Kennedy has a great imagination. She had me set up her bear
(that is as big as she is), and a cup, bowl, and fork during lunch time. She has even
gone to try and brush my teeth with her tooth brush and I tell her no thank you
I brushed mine, her reply- "Pretend Mommy." This kid amazes me!


Surviving winter with paint.


I have a newborn session coming up and decided to make a few props
for the baby girl. She was actually born on Kennedy's birthday!


Kennedy opening her gifts. She loves books so I went out and
found some books about birthdays. There aren't a lot out there which
I find surprising and disappointing.


I had Kennedy help me make vegan banana bread muffins for her birthday.
They came out amazing! It was really a breakfast recipe, but I just put them in
cupcake liners and it worked great.


I try to give Kennedy as much independence as possible. It's not always
easy, but she peeled the bananas like a pro!


Happy Birthday little one <3


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